Custom Orthotics Denverdenver orthotics

Custom orthotics are specially-prepared foot supports that are anatomically molded to your foot to correct skeletal anomalies. They do more than simply “support” your feet. They actually realign them to a natural, “neutral” position to relieve foot, leg and back stress, increase endurance, restore critical balance, improve sports performance, alleviate foot fatigue and prevent a wide range of foot problems.

How do I know if I need orthotics?

You may need orthotics if…

1. You participate in any activity that places stress on your feet.orthotics denver

2. You have an obvious imbalance that causes such symptoms as flat or high arched feet.

3. You have external malalignments such as bow knees, knock knees, pigeon-toes, or “duck feet.”

4. You’ve already developed chronic foot problems, ranging from corns and calluses to arch pain and heel spur pain.

5. Your job requires being on your feet for extended periods of time.

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